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Residential Cleaning

Keep Clean and Carry on is designed to fit each clients needs with fully customized cleaning packages. We offer move in/out cleaning, reoccurring cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly, and  monthly) and occasional cleaning.  Begin building your personalized package with our 24 point cleaning checklist or speak with an associate to get more details.  Additional services are available upon request.

24 Point Cleaning Checklist

  • Cobweb Removal
  • Blind Dusting
  • Dusting All Surfaces and Accessories
  • Windex items Glass and Doors
  • Clean  Light Fixtures
  • Clean Baseboards and Doors
  • Vacuum Couches, Chairs, and Rugs
  • Vacuum Stairs
  • Vacuum and Sweep All Floors
  • Mop Tile and Wood Floors
  • Change Linens and Make Beds
  • Fold Blankets and Towels


  • Clean and Sanitize Showers and Tubs
  • Clean and Sanitize Toilets
  • Clean Bathroom Accessories
  • Clean Cabinets
  • Clean and Sanitize Counters
  • Clean and Scour Sinks
  • Trash Removal and Replacing Liners
  • Microwave Clean Out
  • Clean and Sanitize Appliance Fronts and Tops
  • Polish Stainless Steel
  • Wipe off Solid Surface Rugs and Placemats
  • Clean Kitchen Accessories

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Move In/Out Cleaning

Our move in/out cleaning is fully customizable and is charged by the hour. Head to toe cleaning is usually preferred when choosing this service; this involves all items on the cleaning checklist as well as cleaning all wood (doors, baseboards,trim, and cabinets), dusting fronts, sides, tops, and backs of furniture, cleaning insides of appliances, and interior windows. For additional details or to schedule a move in/out cleaning click on the request a quote tab.

Reoccurring Cleaning Service

Reoccurring cleaning service occurs on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Choosing this service guarantees a set time and day to help with your schedule. We will create cleaning package built around your needs which could include rotational rooms or items to save cost. The cleaning checklist above has common services most clients select, if you need services not listed please contact us at  info@keepcleancarryon.com. For additional details or to schedule reoccurring cleaning click on the request a quote tab.

Occasional Cleaning Service

For the customer that does not need regular maintenance we provide an occasional cleaning option. You can decide what services you need each time you call in or we can create a set package for every visit. For pricing information or to speak to a Keep Clean and Carry On associate click on the request a quote tab.

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